July 31, 2015 {Week 6 1/2}: Pacasmayo!

HOLA familia y amigos this has literally been the longest craziest week of my life!! Wow I can’t believe this is even real life. Honestly I’m just astounded that I’m living this dream. Let me tell you allllllllll about it, starting last week:
So at the MTC groups leave every two weeks. All the other groups before me that I knew had left the MTC on Tuesday morning and afternoon…so this whole time I had been preparing to leave Tuesday. Packing to leave Tuesday, preparing myself to say goodbye to Erin on Tuesday, etc. But Sunday night we had a travel meeting and I was told that I would be in the first group leaving, leaving Monday afternoon! Like whaaaat I totally wasn’t prepared for that but it happened! I had classes on Monday morning and then Erin helped me pack early Monday afternoon and then we had to say goodbye when I left at 4:30 that afternoon…it was super sad and tender. We had a couple minutes to hug and cry and pray together and it was bittersweet. Bitter because we aren’t together anymore, sweet because it’s our missions we’re saying goodbye for…Hermana Gonzalez took a couple pictures of us as I got on the bus to leave, I hope she sent them to you Mommy. I love the Gonzalez so much, they are so wonderful.
SO then I was off to the Lima airport to catch a flight to Trujillo!
Perú Trujillo North Mission
My group flew to Trujillo where we were greeted late that night at the airport by President and Hermana Marler (mission president) and the APs. Be on the lookout for pictures of the event and others on Hermana Marler’s blog (linked). It’s awesome and hopefully there’ll be some pictures of me. They then took us back to the mission home where we stayed the night (last hot shower) and then Tuesday morning we new missionaries had some classes and then we were introduced to our trainers…drum roll please…My trainer is Hermana Peel of Mesa, Arizona, she has 7.5 months on the mission and she is wonderful! I love her a whole lot, I’ll attach pics (if I have time – I have a lot to say and not much time to say it – I’ll explain that later).
Me and my new companion, Hermana Peel
We are serving in an adorable little beach town called Pacasmayo (linked)!!!! Oh my you guys I am living a dream. Seriously. Pacasmayo is about two hours north of Trujillo, it is the most northwestern part of the mission. We live in a little apartment, I’ll attach pictures! We don’t have hot water so all my showers are cold and yesterday our electricity got cut off…we’re still trying to figure out why haha. But can you believe that?? I know that most people would never ever ever wish that on themselves but for anyone who knows me really well I totally wanted that!! And I am loving it!! I want to shower with cold water and struggle and do hard things and well this is totally it! We don’t have a mirror haha, I just have a broken piece of glass (happens to be shaped like the state of Idaho) that I use every morning to get ready hahahaha. And there’s a hole in our roof! Like a big gaping hole! And wind blows into the apartment! It’s awesome! And well as delapidated as that sounds let me just tell you that ours is one of the nicest apartments in this área of the mission…everyone else in our zone is jealous of it. Because even though it’s delapidated it’s pretty big and it has tile floors, some of the other apartments are just cement. But really it’s great! And we have a pet dog, he’s not really ours, he’s our neighbor’s, but he sleeps in our hallway and lives on our roof. Yes we have access to our roof! I’ll attach pics.
My adopted dog, Poly, who lives on the roof
This place is awesome. It’s a little coastal beach town, so adorable I love it! We run to the beach every morning and do a little workout there and then run back. And the air is so breezy and the weather is perfect and the sky so blue. I’m living a dream. Is this even real life?
Wednesday was my first day in the field, we taught some awesome lessons and everyone tells me that my Spanish is fantastic for being in country only 6 weeks.  My trainer says I’m doing great but she understands a bit better than I do. But she tells me that I’m learning things now my first week in the field that she didn’t learn til like last month. I truly believe, just kidding I KNOW, that I have been blessed with the gift of tongues…I am loving speaking Spanish everyday, it’s a dream. I love foreign languages and am so grateful that I am called Spanish speaking.
Yesterday, Thursday, was just the best day ever! We taught some lessons but most importantly we contacted people that I know need us! Seriously great people who I am so excited to teach and help. I’ve only been here three days but I feel like I’m already making a difference and I’ve already witnessed little miracles. And I can promise that Heavenly Father answers the prayers of His missionaries! It’s so wonderful! I don’t have time to explain everything but I have seen some great things the past couple days, it’s wonderful!! I love being a missionary and I love that my full-time job is to go around blessing and helping and teaching and loving people! Seriously this is just the best!!!!
BUT however great this week sounds believe me it got even better!! Because today I got to go to the Trujillo temple!!!!!!! Oh my it was a dream, a straight-up dream come true, and such a blessing and a tender mercy that my very first week in the field I got to go to my mission’s temple!
Trujillo Temple
Oh I love this temple, it is gorgeous! I swear I am not biased just because it is my mission’s temple, believe me when I say that it is the most beautiful temple I have ever been in. The celestial room took my breath away. It is quite huge and gorgeous and wow I am so blessed and the people of Peru are so blessed to have this beautiful temple here!! I love the promise that comes along with this temple…it was purposefully created larger than necessary because of the work that is about to come forth in this mission…the church is really blossoming here, the mission just split, our temple just dedicated, another temple is being built in Arequipa, there is so much in store for the people here and I am so grateful and so excited and even more humbled to be a part of it.
Right now my little corner of the field is this little Pacasmayo branch, which we are helping become a ward! I love this place and I love the temple!!! Also, the elders in my branch have a baptism tomorrow! He’s a little 87 year old man named Cesaer and oh my he is adorable I love him so much. Please pray that the water isn’t too cold tomorrow. Also please pray for all my investigators! We have a ton and we are finding more everyday so I don’t have time to write about all of them.
Just know that I am safe and happy and loving this place and loving being a missionary! Thank you all for your love and support and prayers!
FYI we have Pdays on Monday so I will be writing again on Monday, today was just a bit different because we got to go to the temple!
Mucho mucho mucho amor,
Hermana Butikofer

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