July 22, 2015 {Week 5}: Adios to el CCM!

Hola familia y amigos!
Wow I can’t believe I’m already at my last week in the MTC! Yep, I leave on Tuesday to head to Trujillo (yayyyyyyyyyyy!!!). Because this is my last email from el CCM, I want to talk a little bit about it here and how much I’ve enjoyed my time here!
I love love love love love the Gonzalezes, the MTC president and his wife. They are so sweet and they do so much for us and they recognize so easily the special relationship that Erin and I have! So much so that a) they took a picture with the two of us this week to send to our parents (did you get that Mom?) and b) today they are letting Erin and I do a companion exchange so that we can spend one last day together before we are separated next week! So Erin is my companion today and we went to the temple together and we went shopping together and now we’re emailing together and then we’ll spend the rest of the day together! I am super grateful for this day I have with Erin cause I actually don’t really see her a lot around here at el CCM. We’re in different districts and we’re on different schedules so I really only see her at meal times and sometimes at night. So it’s really special that we get to spend one last day together! I’m going to miss Erin a super duper whole lot but I know that it’s all for a good cause…a great cause…the Lord’s cause! Our mottos are Alma 29:14-17 (linked) and D&C 130:2 (linked). Go look them up 🙂
IMG_0233 - Copy
Companions for a day
Shopping and empanadas
Modeling futbol jerserys and Peruvian pants [These are our last pictures together before we go our separate ways]
I love my district, I don’t know if I’ve ever mentioned it before but my district is all girls. Yep, no elders! At first I was kind of bummed about that but it has turned out to be so much fun! I also came up with two nicknames for us…The Sistrict and Las Ocho de 108 (our classroom number) hahaha it’s so fun. The girls are wonderful and we just have the best time together! And we have district heart-to-hearts a couple times a week which we couldn’t really do if we had elders. And it’s super uncommon to have an all-hermana district so really we’re pretty special! And I love my teachers, oh my I am obsessed with them. Hermano Flores y Hermano Vásquez, they are the absolute best and so spiritual and inspirational and they just love us and want to help us and I can feel their love for us and love of the gospel. I love them.
OKAY lemme tell anyone who is going on a mission who may read this, BRING AS MANY CLOTHES AS YOU CAN. DO NOT FEEL GUILTY ABOUT IT. STUFF THOSE BAGS. I brought wayyyyyy more clothes than I am willing to admit but I am so glad I did! The other girls in my room and district only brought like 5 skirts and maybe two dresses and maybe like a dozen shirts…and we’re only one transfer into the mission not even and they’re already sick of their clothes. But me, I haven’t repeated an outfit yet! And I love my clothes! And I look super cute every day! Also, CROC FLATS. Don’t be ashamed that they’re crocs, they’re super cute and comfy and cheap and so easy to take care of and I love them. I brought 4 pairs and I wear them all the time and I just love them! They are the best mission shoes and I swear by them.
So now on to regular stuff that happened this week. Wow I am so glad and grateful I was assigned to be the sister leader of all these girls! I interview each of them and it is so fun being able to get to know them. And this week was especially busy for us sister leaders because a couple Americanas have been having trouble with leaving home, being homesick, etc etc and this week we really got to work really closely with one girl in particular. I am just so grateful I get to serve and love and help them. It’s been a busy week!
These new Latinos are the greatest! So Latinos are here for only two weeks but I’m here for 6 weeks so we’ve seen several groups come in and out of here. But these Latinos are my fave! Well really I’ve loved all of them so much. I always love the Latina hermanas but I’ve never really gotten to know the Latino elders much until this transfer…and they are the best! Hahaha they say hi to me in the hallway and talk to me and they’re just so fun. We took some awesome pictures today so I’ll attach one. I love these Latinos! Oh also, I finally passed as a Latina earlier this week! Someone asked me if I was Latina heehee! They always assume Erin is but for some reason they don’t think I am as often…so I was super happy that I finally passed as a Latina! My goal is to speak Spanish well enough that I always can haha.
One day I hope to pass as a Latina!
The past couple days the weather has been marvelous and word on the street is that this is the way in Trujillo 24/7/365! Oh my how grateful I am to be called to such a beautiful place with beautiful weather all year round. Oh, I also heard that Trujillo has the only biking area in Peru so maybe I’ll get to bike sometime! That would be so fun!
Well that’s all I have for now…I leave the CCM early Tuesday morning so please be praying for me! I am excited and a little nervous to leave this little Garden of Eden and head out into the big bad real world. Please pray for my trainer and for the people I’ll be serving and well for me too! I don’t know when my Pday will be next week so don’t be surprised if I don’t email next Wednesday. I love you all! Thank you all for your support and love!
Hermana Butikofer
P.S. Hermana Gonzalez likes me a whole lot so I got our district invited over to their apartment this afternoon to bake chocolate chip cookies with her! Yayyyyyy real life real chocolate chip cookies!! Y’all know how much I love chocolate chip cookies 🙂

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