July 15, 2015 {Week 4}: Time is Flying By

Hola familia y amigos! I can’t believe I have less than 2 weeks left en el CCM…time has really flown and I don’t think I feel ready for the field quite yet! Hopefully those feelings change before next Tuesday.
This week was a bit more eventful than last week! On Saturday, we went proselyting! In the real world! The big bad city of Lima! We drove about an hour away into the Perú Lima Sur Mission…where we met up with missionaries in that mission and they took us proselyting with them! It was a good experience but really showed me how much Spanish I have to learn. In the CCM I feel really confident because I speak the best of all the Americans, but out in the real world it’s a whole different story haha…lemme tell you about it!
So my proselyting group was comprised of me, Hermana Messina (my MTC companion), Hermana Ricconi, Hermana Cielo (they’re Latina companions), and Hermana Arroyo serving in Lima Sur took us proselyting.  We went to a neighborhood somewhere in Lima…honestly I have no idea where we were. The neighborhood wasn’t as poor as I was expecting it to be…but I think they sent the sisters to not-to-bad areas because the elders have some stories about their poor areas. Houses, but no yards, some houses had gates and some even had the button and video that you push like we had in Brazil.  The houses were really close together and there was a lot of trash and dogs everywhere…it was kind of hard to talk to people because a) there were 5 of us and it’s really difficult to talk to someone where it’s 5 on 1 so I kind of hung back a bit and b) well three of the five of us were Latina so they really took over all our contacts. Haha está bien, I just listened! I was actually pretty pleased with how much I could understand.  The speaking part was a little harder. I was nervous plus I don’t really speak all that much to begin with! But I have a couple good stories. While a few of the hermanas went into a little store to talk to the people in there, I spotted a couple little girls sitting on the sidewalk outside eating yogurt. So I went and sat down next to them and talked to them a little bit, asked them their names and how old they were, they were sisters, one 7 and the other 2. It’s so much easier to talk to kids than to adults! And then I whipped out my Spanish hymn book and sang I Am a Child of God to them…it was so special! The little 7 year old just smiled and smiled and it was so sweet and tender. I love that it might be hard to understand my speech sometimes but they can understand my singing! I miss that little girl, singing to her made my whole day.
Then after that Hermana Cielo y yo taught another set of girls a lesson outside their apartment building…Hermanas Messina, Arroyo, y Ricconi had gone into one of the apartments to teach a less-active member so Hermana Cielo y yo stayed outside to contact. We met two 11 year old girls so we talked to them…Hermana Cielo did most (jk, all) of the teaching but I did get to pray with them…that was my contribution to the lesson. I asked them if there was anything in particular they wanted me to pray for and they asked me to pray for their grandparents’ health so I did…and well my prayer was kinda rough and broken but I did it! It was just super sweet to be able to pray with these girls for their families. Then I gave each of them a Libro de Mormón to take home and read with their families. We talked to some other people too but those two lessons were the ones that involved me the most. A few people commented on how well I speak for being in country only 4 weeks, and that I speak better than my companion haha.
On Sunday Hermana Messina and I were asked to be the zone sister leaders! There is only one zone of Americans so we are responsible for all the American sisters in the CCM. I am super excited to love them and serve these sisters!!! Yesterday we made signs with all the girls’ names to go on their bedroom doors to welcome all the new Hermanas to the MTC…they got here late last night. But yeah I am just super humbled and super excited at this opportunity to love and serve all the Hermanas here!!
Then yesterday we were asked to give a demonstration today on ‘How to Begin Teaching a New Investigator’ to the new missionaries that came in late last night…so this afternoon Hermana Messina and I get to teach a lesson in front of all the new missionaries! Kind of nervous, I just hope I can be a good example for them to follow. It seems like the CCM is giving Hermana Messina and I a lot of responsibility lately and I know I need to live up to it!
One sad thing happened this week…I had to say goodbye to my sweet Latina friend, Hermana Magne. She is the one who began tutoring me in Spanish last week. Every night this week we’ve met out in the hallway and she has helped me on my pronunciation, my grammar, read the scriptures with me, and shared her favorite scriptures with me. During all of our lessons and I can just feel her love and her spirit and her testimony and oh I love her so much. But she left for the field early yesterday morning so on Monday night we had our last lesson together…we wrote each other goodbye notes in our little notebooks and then we took a picture together and then we prayed together.
Check out my Peruvian pants!
It was very sweet and I miss her a lot. I am confident that we will see each other again someday. She is my very favorite Latina I’ve met here and I’m the first American friend she’s ever had…she is just a very special friend to me. I pray for her and her family every night! She is from Bolivia and her name is Kelly Magne. I left her and her companion goodbye/thank you notes and a package of cookies for each other them outside their door which they found on Tuesday morning when they left. Hermana Magne’s companion is Hermana Gaona, the sweet Latina who found me singing out by the windowsill last Monday night. The two sweetest Latinas I’ve ever met and who have helped me so much these past two weeks and they happen to be companions. I love them both a whole lot. Hermana Gaona is from Mexico. It was a bittersweet goodbye but I know I will see them again! Especially Hermana Magne, she is a dear friend.
Welllllll I think that’s about it for this week! Everyone have a fantastic week and be thankful for all you have! Peruvians are so humble and meek and I am trying to develop those Christlike attributes!
Hermana Butikofer
Hermana Messina and I with one of our teachers, Hermana Flores
Classic district picture-it is unusual for a district to be all girls
We call ourselves ‘Las ocho de 108’ (108 is our classroom number)
First time trying Inca Kola, a traditional Peruvian soda
(tastes like Sprite, smells like bubblegum)

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