July 8, 2015 {Week 3}: Still Living a Dream!

Hey everyone!
WOW I can’t believe my third week en el CCM has already come and gone!  I am super loving it here.  Nothing out of the ordinary happened this week…but I’ll try to remember some cool stuff to tell you guys!
Saturday was the 4th of July!  And we Americanos here were so excited about it and we all wore red white and blue to celebrate.  My district even convinced our teachers to wear red white and blue for us, and they did, which was so sweet 🙂 what was even better though was that the CCM surprised us with a 4th of July BBQ!!  For lunch we had hot dogs and hamburgers and fried chicken and french fries and watermelon and apple pie and ice cream! Awh it was so good and such a sweet gesture and honestly it was great to have something other than chicken and white rice, which is what they eat like every day down here haha.  So that was fun!
I absolutely LOVE learning Spanish! Oh foreign language speaking is just so perfect for me.  I love other languages and I love other cultures and Peru and Spanish are just awesome.  Spanish is so beautiful, I could just fall asleep listening to it it’s so calming and I love it!  My Spanish is coming along well. I did my very first temple session in 100% Spanish today! And I understood it!
I was super proud of myself about that.  I love the Latinas so much, oh they’re so kind and generous and so understanding and they help me and encourage me to speak more and better Spanish.  This week I actually gained a greater love for the Latinas…here’s how:
So Monday was kind of a hard day.  Not like super hard, but it’s so true that a mission really brings out your weaknesses! (Ether 12:27) And well I was just kind of feeling a little down because there are SO many things I want to work on and SO many Christlike attributes I want to acquire but change is hard and I’m still learning how to apply the Atonement to my life.  Anyway so Monday night I was just thinking about all the things I want to work on and how I can become better. So after all my roommates were asleep and I still wasn’t asleep I decided to go out into the hall, where at the end of the hall there’s this big window that is for some reason always open and there’s a big wide windowsill that you can sit on.  So I sat on the windowsill and I prayed for a while and then I just looked out at the beautiful Peruvian night sky for a while and then I sang some hymns to myself for a while.  It was just a really tender moment…singing hymns to myself in the middle of the night, feet dangling out a 3 story building, admiring the Peruvian night…anyway, so a sweet little Latina heard me singing, she had been up writing in her journal, so she came out to talk to me and she sat with me and I told her how I want to change so much but it’s just so hard and there was a set of scriptures sitting nearby so she grabbed those and showed me her favorite scripture. And then I showed her mine. And then she showed me another one she likes. And then I showed her another one of mine.  And it was just a dream, two little missionaries sitting out a window sharing our favorite scriptures with each other.  I can’t believe this is my real life!
Then last night I was getting ready for bed and some latinas were showering while I was brushing my teeth and one of them started singing a hymn in Spanish. Well I didn’t know the Spanish words but I recognized the tune so I sang along in English. And then some other latinas joined in in Spanish! And soon it was them singing in Spanish and me singing in English and we were just singing hymns with each other and it was just so sweet. I seriously can’t believe this is my real life! I am living a dream.
Then later last night I decided to go back out to the windowsill to write in my journal before I went to bed so I did and while I was sitting out there a different latina came out and sat with me. And we started talking just about everything, about Peru, about Bolivia, los Estados Unidos, school, languages, Spanish, Spain, the conquistadors, the continents, math…hahaha literally everything! And we were talking the entire time in Spanish! Anyway then she offered to help me with my Spanish everyday…so now I have my own little tutor! She’s a great teacher and I can just feel her love when she talks to me! She’s the sweetest, I love the latinas. My life is a dream.
Anyway so these little experiences these past couple days with the latinas, sitting and sharing scriptures with them and singing together and studying Spanish together has just really given me a love for these girls and these people! I am so grateful to be called to a place where the people are so generous and so kind and so giving. I love them.
OH also the mission split this week! I am officially reassigned to…PERÚ TRUJILLO NORTE! Woohoo, the temple is in my mission!
I am so grateful to be called to a place where so much work is going on…the temple dedication two weeks ago, the mission splitting this week…there is a great work going on in Trujillo and I am so excited and so grateful to be a part of it! I love Spanish, I love Peru, I love Trujillo, and I love you! (heehee I’m a poet.) Have a great week everyone! Count your blessings!
Hermana Butikofer
P.S. pic is from the temple this morning!
One more thing. My mother has been asking about the CCM daily schedule.  So here it is.
We wake up at 630, breakfast at 715, personal scripture study from 8 to 9, physical activity from 915 to 1005, class from 1045 to 1215, lunch from 1215 to 1, class from 1 to 3, personal language study from 315 to 415, class from 415 to 6, dinner from 6 to 645, class from 7 to 9, companion study from 9 to 930, get ready for bed from 930 to 1030, in bed at 1030.

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