July 1, 2015 {Week 2}: A Straight Up Dream Come True

Hola familia y amigos!
Wowwwww well my second week in the MTC has come and gone!  I learned the hard way last week that if you send a super long super detailed group email then you don’t have much time for individual emails (or any time at all…sorry Mom).  Sooooo I’ll try to keep this one (kinda) short but also detailed!  I just love keeping you all in the loop and I don’t want to forget anything!
We didn’t go to Immigrations or anywhere again this week so I don’t have any crazy stories about that to share.  Leaving the MTC this morning to go shopping and to the temple was the first time we’d been outside the “compound” all week (haha yes we call it that…we love it but there are just high walls and we don’t really get to leave that often!).
Hermanas Butikofer on their way to the market
But our shopping/temple trip this morning was awesome because I GAVE AWAY MY FIRST BOOK OF MORMON! Yes I did!  We were outside the market we went shopping at and just talking to everyone.  And this lady walked by us and saw that we were missionaries and said “bendiciones de paz, bendiciones de paz” (blessings of peace) to us so me and a couple others stopped to talk to her.  The elders gave her some pass along cards and I whipped out a copy of the Book of Mormon and bore a short, sweet testimony and gave it to her!  She was so humble and at first said she couldn’t accept it because she knew how special that book is to us.  But we told her that we have tons of copies and that it can be special to her too!  I just love how humble she was and how honored she was that we wanted to give her a book.  After I gave her the book she kept saying “Estados Unidos numero uno! Estados Unidos numero uno para siempre!” hahaha and we told her that Peru is number one in our hearts and she concluded that US and Peru can share number one.  Then she listed a bunch of other countries and Costa Rica and Mexico were near the bottom hahahaha. But it was just so great!  The Peruvian people are so humble and they recognize that we are servants of Jesus Christ and that we have a special message to share.  I love them!  I was just thinking yesterday about how much this is a dream come true…I used to pray and pray and pray and cry and cry and cry over where I would be called on my mission and well getting called to Peru and finally being here and learning this beautiful language and having the opportunity to love these beautiful people is just a straight up dream come true!
A few days ago a group of HEFY (Humanitarian EFY) kids took a tour of the MTC and we got to talk to them and take pictures with them! (Mom, I gave one of the ladies your email to send some pics to you, I hope she remembered and I hope you got those pictures!)  Also that day my district was the only district to have physical activity in the morning so we got the whole soccer field to ourselves!  It was super fun and we had a district soccer game!  Then Hermana Gonzalez, the MTC President’s wife, saw us playing and she and her friend came and joined us.  It was super fun!  I’m gonna have to figure out how to play soccer if I want to fit in at all here hahaha. I have played a couple times with los latinos but honestly I don’t contribute much to the game. But when it’s just the gringos playing I have a slightly bigger role and I actually scored a goal the other day!
Let me tell you all a little about my teachers, whom I ADORE.  Seriously I love my teachers so much oh my goodness.  So my district is all girls so they gave us two male teachers so that there’s always a priesthood holder in the room.  First is Hermano Vasquez, he’s 21 and served in Peru Lima South.  He just got back less than a year ago and he’s super great!  Because he served so recently he knows exactly what we need to know.  We’re actually the first group of gringas he’s ever taught so he’s still learning English but we teach him English while he teaches us Spanish!  He’s great.  Then there’s Hermano Flores, who is personally my favorite.  He’s 24 and served in Perú Cusco. When I first met him, before I even knew he was going to be my teacher, I could just feel his love for us!  He’s so sincere and so genuine and I love him.  He also bears a killer testimony in English.  He doesn’t even speak English but his testimony in English is just so powerful!  He bore his testimony in English to us earlier this week and left us all in tears.  I hope that my testimony in Spanish can be that powerful.  I guess the words “God loves you” become a whole lot more meaningful when that’s literally the only thing you know how to say.
I LOVE personal study time!  I started El Libro de Mormón this week and I am reading/translating it alongside my English scriptures.  I’m also studying the hymns, which is really cool and fun.  I read the hymn, read all the scriptures related to it, cross reference all the scriptures, and just learn about the deeper meaning of each hymn.  It’s way fun and I just always look forward to personal study!
Well I guess that’s all I have for now!  Love you all, have a great week!
Hermana Butikofer
P.S. Perú beat Bolivia in the women’s world cup this week! Hahaha take that Erin
Hermanas Butikofer at the Lima Peru Temple

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