June 17, 2015 {Arrival in Lima}: Hola!

Hola amigos y familia!

I made it to the MTC!! We got here at like 3am. But surprisingly I wasn’t tired at all. Probably cause I was just so excited to finally be in PERU! Lima kind of reminds me of Brasilia and the MTC reminds me of EAB (the American school in Brasilia). It’s all open and white tiles and definitely South American feeling. The showers are actually super great! I was really afraid it’d be cold showers but it was hot and really high water pressure.

Grandma, I’m wearing the navy blue skirt you gave me! I thought you’d be happy that I’m wearing it my first day in the MTC. We only have 5 minutes to send this email so I don’t have time to send pictures today. But I will send some next week! Also we’re only allowed to take pictures on P-Day which kind of sucks but I guess they want us focusing on the work.

OH my companion didn’t show up yesterday so I am currently companionless. Rumor has it she’s on her way to Peru right now and she will get here late tonight.

I met the most awesome people on the plane! From St. Louis to Atlanta I met a nice man who asked to be on my email list (welcome!) and from Atlanta to Lima I randomly by the coolest coincedence ever sat next to an LDS guy from SLC. He’s coming down here for business but just happened to be on the same flight as all the missionaries and I happened to sit next to him! He let me borrow his phone to send a text home. Mommy, I hope you got my text and picture! That was a picture of us with two other Hermanas. One of them Erin was in the same EFY (Especially for Youth) company with in Florida. I also sat next to a nice Peruvian lady on the flight to Lima. She was traveling home from San Francisco.

Okay I have to go now bye love you!!!

Abby (Hermana Butikofer)


This is the photo that Abby referenced in her email. The nice guy she sat next to took this picture of Abby, Erin and two other sisters upon their arrival at the Lima Airport. He texted it to me! 🙂 They all look happy after a long day of travel. ~Leslie


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