Adios, Little Corner of the Blogosphere

Erin and I took our mission pictures last week and we are in love with them!  It was so fun to pick out outfits, get together our props, and go shoot.  Erin already posted some of her faves, but here are mine (forgive me, I have lots of favorites):


Our favorite "twin pose"

Our favorite “twin pose”

One of my personal favorites

One of my personal favorites



I love this picture of Erin!  It shows off her personality so well 🙂



This is another of my very favorites! It depicts so well all that is dear to my heart: the gospel, the Book of Mormon, the people of Perú (oh and my pretty pink mission journal and traveling too)

IMG_9157   IMG_9178

When I was little I always dreamt of having a pretty yellow dress…and now I do!

IMG_9117   IMG_9145

Love these pictures with my flag.


All of Erin’s pictures depict her personality so well!  This picture is so her.  Because she is serving in the rainforests of Bolivia, she spent a lot of time scouring the internet for the “perfect” rainboots: equal parts cute and affordable; not too heavy, but also protective.  She found these and she loves them. The skirt, the sassy bend at the knee, her boots, the Bolivian flag, and of course those famous socks! Erin loves Happy Socks (she has like 15 pairs) and she’s bringing all of them on her mission.  I’m just glad I don’t have to worry about the rain like she does 🙂



I love this one! Twinsies ❤️


Why is it so easy to love her??  She makes everything so fun.  I just love this picture because it shows how silly we are together!

IMG_9103   IMG_9109

There were a lot of outtakes to get this pose – but I think we nailed it! 😉



And of course a picture with my call.  It still feels surreal!

I can’t believe that at this time next week I will be on a plane to Perú!  Not only is time passing, but it feels like it’s accelerating.  The older I get the faster it goes by.  18 months sounds like a long time (but then again, it doesn’t really sound like too long), but I know it will pass quickly!  I just have to make good use of the time I have in Perú…as well as make use of the time I have left at home.  Sooooo I’m off to spend my remaining time with my family, adios for now 🙂 next time my little corner of the blogosphere hears from me I’ll be in Perú!


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