February 19, 2015: The Call

Once my mission papers were submitted on the 8th, I looked at my calendar and tried to guess which day my call would arrive in the mail.  I guesstimated how long it would take for my papers to go through Church headquarters and the whole assignment process, and I knew that my call would come in on Thursday the 19th.  Don’t know how I knew it, but I did! 🙂  I woke up that morning and thought to myself, Oh my goodness, today’s the day!  Today is the day I find out where I will serve my mission and what place will change my life forever.  I wore a cute outfit and did my hair and makeup especially well that day in preparation for the day’s events.  Erin and I met up on campus at noon to check our mail together – and just like I had guessed it, our calls had arrived!  A nice stranger took some pictures for us to capture the moment 🙂

IMG_7847   IMG_7849

Pure joy!

Even though we both had homework to finish and classes to get to, I convinced Erin to stay outside for a bit longer to take some pictures with our calls.

IMG_7878   IMG_7895


I had to run off to class but I just couldn’t bring myself to leave my call in my apartment. So I carried it with me the rest of the day 🙂 Honestly I don’t think I could tell you what we talked about in my classes that day.  All I could think about was my call!

That evening couldn’t come soon enough!  We had it all worked out that we would Skype our family and we invited all our friends and roommates to the opening.  We even got Chick-fil-a cookies and lemonade to celebrate – our favorite!

DSC_0033   DSC_0012   DSC_0022

We also bought a map and some mini post-it notes for everyone to guess where we would each be called.  It was so fun to hear everyone’s guesses!

DSC_0026   DSC_0027


Then it was time to open!

Erin generously let me open my call first – she said she had always imagined me going first and I wasn’t going to fight that so I just went along with it 😉

A few days before my call arrived I had started getting the feeling that I would be called to South America.  Heavenly Father had softened my heart to the idea of going to South America, and I knew that that was where I was needed.  So when my call arrived I knew I would be going to South America and I was pretty sure I would be called to Brazil (I had a really strong desire to speak Portuguese, after all, and I had already lived in Brazil before).

BUT THEN THIS HAPPENED (let’s talk about how epic my facial expressions are)


I had never even considered the possibility of going Spanish-speaking before.  I’m surprised it had never even crossed my mind – after all, I am Hispanic and my mom’s whole side of the family speaks Spanish!  But Perú was completely out of the blue, off my radar, hadn’t even thought of going to Perú.  But I know it is right for me!  My heart is expanding in ways I never even thought possible…I love a people I’ve never met, I love a place I’ve never been to, and I tear up just thinking about the responsibility to love and serve and bring the gospel to the people of Perú.  Nothing has ever felt so right!

Then Erin opened her call.

She's adorable.  I love her.

She’s adorable. I love her.

I read over her shoulder and when I saw that she was reporting to the Peru MTC on June 16 (same MTC, same day as me) I literally jumped for joy!  Such a sweet tender mercy that we get to spend the first 6 weeks of our missions together.  18 months apart is hard enough, I’m grateful now it’s only 16 1/2 months of separation!

DSC_0010   DSC_0012

Sweet moment.

Sweet moment.

Then we talked to our parents and family.

I love this picture of us talking to them, so glad we could share this with them even halfway across the country!

I love this picture of us talking to them, so glad we could share this with them even halfway across the country!

Trujillo, Perú here I come!

Trujillo, Perú here I come!

Bolivia Santa Cruz North!

Bolivia Santa Cruz North

Erin and I stayed up until like 2 am that night talking, laughing, researching our missions, and trying to speak Spanish to each other.  I’m going to miss nights like that with her!

I love this picture of us! Just a few minutes after we opened our calls we took a selfie together. We're so happy!

I love this picture of us! Just a few minutes after we opened our calls we took a selfie together. We’re so happy!


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